Job Placement: Having the right people in the right place

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The shortage of skilled workers and capable managers is on everyone’s lips. In care homes and board rooms, in all industries and at all levels, people are needed. Full employment fuels competition in the labour market and that makes it difficult to fill vacancies – in particular those for highly-skilled staff.

This is of even greater significance to industries in which people are especially important to a company’s success. The direct selling industry is a prime example – this „people business“ is not just about technical skills, but also about the personal assets of everyone working in a leading position in sales or management. Mindset beats skill set. In direct selling companies, with their very specific corporate culture, the selection of a candidate can have a direct impact on the firm’s performance.

What companies, especially those involved in direct selling, want, is a candidate whose personal and professional background suits the role and who also fits in with the company’s culture. How you can find that? Through professional job placement by a qualified executive search expert, who makes a living from connecting companies and candidates.

To find the ideal professional for a position, this placement expert should have in-depth knowledge of the industry and the company, its vision, strategy, people and culture. Ideally, he or she has previously worked in the industry for several years. Naturally, the expert knows the candidate, their personality, skills and strengths, very well. And only if there is a strong match between the wishes and requirements of both sides, the placement expert introduces the company to the candidate.

So, what’s in it for the company? It can expect to only meet handpicked candidates who, after the extensive preliminary work of the recruiter, are likely to meet the expectations of the role. This saves time and financial resources and reduces the risk of appointing the wrong person. The candidate, on the other hand, can expect a close professional and personal fit with his future employer and can look forward to a new position that suits him or her in every respect.

It is clear that recruitment consultants who aim to refer as many candidates as possible do not meet the demands of modern recruitment. Modern recruiting means the targeted placement of suitable candidates – because mistakes are costly.

This is particularly true for the direct sales business. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about recruitment and placement.

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Klaus Sporer, Die Direktvertriebsberater

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